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Windshirts are exactly what you need to wear when you are going out to exercise during weather that may not be entirely ideal.  Whether you go running, golfing or hiking you do not want your muscles to become stiff.  With microfiber windshirts, you will stay warm and the wind will pass right around you so that you can stay in tip top athletic shape.  Many golfers prefer to wear golf windshirts because over the course of 18 holes, no one can predict what the weather will do.  With the golf inspired windshirts, you will be protected against water with the water repellant features, moisture wicking and warm with microfiber layers. 

Luckily, you can buy a windshirt for men and women.  Normally, men’s windshirt come in darker colors and larger sizes while women’s windshirt come in more petite sizes so that she can remain warm and dry throughout all of her daily activities.  There are many styles available for both men and women’s windshirt such as V neck, zipper, 3/4 sleeves and vest style windshirts.  They have elastic or string pulls to fasten at the bottom so that the breezes cannot rise up.  Joggers, hikers, tennis players, golfers and other athletes prefer microfiber windshirts over any other type of outdoor sports apparel. 

What is a Windshirt?

Wind shirts are one of the greatest inventions of modern day apparel.  They are unlike other outerwear as they protect against the wind but have qualities that are enjoyable to both the common man (and woman) and athletes.  These windshirts are a thinner type of jacket that protect the wearer from light drizzle and rain as well as cold gusts of wind.  A unique feature that the windshirt has is that there is an elastic waistband that eliminates wind and cold air from raising up in through the midsection, to keep you warm.

The newest installment of windshirts are the microfiber windshirts which are made out of light microfiber material that has moisture wicking properties.  This means that sweat and rain do not permeate and are quickly dried.  This has lead many athletes to start wearing this type of windshirt apparel.  Athletes such as tennis players, golfers, bikers and runners love wearing microfiber windshirts because it keeps their muscles warmed up while they workout outside on windy and rainy days.  The windshirt also does not restrict a players movements or weigh him or her down.  A golf windshirt is perfect for 18 holes because a golfer never knows how the weather will change while on the course.  There are various styles that these windshirts come in including hooded windshirts, v neck styles, turtle necks, zip up collars and vests.

Wind shirts are available all over the world but are commonly categorized as different types of clothing apparel names such as windbreakers in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Japan and as a Wind Cheater or Cagoules in the United Kingdom and commonwealth countries.  Microfiber windshirts come in styles for men, women and children in an array of colors.  Just browse through our collection of microfiber windshirts to find one that is perfect for you.